The best way to describe us would be to say that we are young and in love.

We are in love with the region where our winery resides – with its sky, its flowers, its fresh air, its soil, its people and the smell of local cuisine. When we've tried to capture the essence of this beautiful land we realized that we can't do it with a camera or a paintbrush – we could capture the visual beauty but not the rest. Then we realized that the only way to capture this beauty is through wine. Through wine we capture the color, the smell and the taste of the region, but more importantly we capture the moment of natural equilibrium which can be felt when one comes outside, spreads one's arms and takes a deep breath thus feeling the land through all the pores of the body.

Our youth is not our weakness - on the contrary, it grants us passion, boldness and enthusiasm. We feel unafraid to seize our surroundings and transform it into wine – into wine worthy to represent this magnificent land.